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Passionate Personalities, Versatile Brains

Md Jobaer Hossain

Founder & CEO
Md Jobaer Hossain is the founder and CEO of Study Lights. With his leadership, vision, and expertise, Study Lights has emerged as a leading IT company, offering a comprehensive range of services to clients.
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Md Abdur Rahim

Founder & CTO
MD Abdur Rahim is a co-founder and serves as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Study Lights. With his technical acumen and strategic direction, he plays a crucial role in shaping the company's technological offerings and advancements.technical acumen and strategic direction.,
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Soham Ahmed Khan holds the position of Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Study Lights, where he also serves as the Innovation Officer. With his extensive knowledge and experience in both information management and fostering innovatio
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Mizanur Rahman is the Chief Product Engineer (CPE) at Study Lights. With his expertise in product development and engineering, he leads the team in creating innovative and high-quality IT solutions that meet the needs of Study Lights' clients.
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